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Cluesolvers is simple. All you need is a smartphone and a group of friends or family who want to have some fun.

How Outside Adventures Work

Just scroll down and we will describe the process of booking and playing. Frequently asked questions are at the bottom.

What is an Outside Adventure?

A Cluesolvers Outside Adventure is a fast-paced scavenger hunt and a brain-teasing outdoor escape room, all rolled into one!

Your team will solve a series of approximately 20 clues and puzzles on a 3km walk around town, all set to an exciting or amusing storyline. You can play at any time, any day, and while our adventures are built to take 90 minutes to 2 hours, there is NO time limit to finish.

Our custom App will lead you on an easy walk to different locations including local icons, fascinating businesses, and secret places even the locals don’t know about, and in each place you will have to solve a puzzle.

Once you solve the answer submit it. If correct you will immediately get the next clue. Along the way there are optional breaks so you can get refreshment - as we say, there is NO time limit to finish.

Booking an Adventure

Go to and choose the adventure you wish. It DOESN'T matter what date you select - once booked your game is live immediately and can be played on ANY day.

If you have a promo code that you have received from Cluesolvers or from a 3rd-party company enter it is the promo code box at the START of your booking.

Once booked you will IMMEDIATELY receive an email with instructions and your booking number. If you don't receive it please check your spam folder.

Starting your Adventure

Download the Cluesolvers App, enter the email address you used to book, as well as the booking number we sent you.

You can download the App and game when you are at the start location - however we recommend that you do this in a location where you have good wifi - it takes about 30 seconds.

Loading your Adventure

As we said, it takes about 30 seconds to download your game. While it is downloading you will see a splash screen photograph of your selected Adventure. It IS loading...

Your Storyline

Each Adventure has a unique storyline - effectively the mystery you are trying to solve. Take a few minutes to get acquainted with the story and the playing instructions. The people with the best leaderboard times are usually the ones that have read with the most accuracy!

Your game does not begin until AFTER you have read your storyline and physically typed the word READY. You can therefor take your time over this part.

Solving the Clues

Each Clue has a directional component as well as a puzzle to solve. Our best advice is always to READ CAREFULLY. Nothing is written randomly - we are giving you what you need to succeed. And remember, we assume you know nothing about the location you are playing in!

Getting a Hint

Adventures are designed to be challenging, but not frustrating - after all the idea is for you to have FUN!

There is no shame in asking for a little help along the way, so each clue has a directional and a solution hint. These will cost you 5-10 minutes of time to your final leaderboard score - but could save you a lot longer as you play - so use hints wisely!

Skipping a Clue

If you're really having trouble with a clue you can always skip it. Just it the PASS button and you will move to the next clue. You will receive a 30-minute penalty to your final score, so we suggest you only use this if you are really stuck.

Completing your Adventure

Once you have solved the final mystery - the App will direct you to the website to see where you ranked on the leaderboard. Celebrate if you placed well. Or laugh at those people who didn't take time to enjoy the town as much as you did!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it a Game, an Adventure or a Tour?

That is up to you – we like to think of it as an Adventure. It includes the fun clue-solving experiences of a scavenger hunt or an escape room, but also the secondary discovery of seeing parts of the town you may never have found. Whether you choose to race the clock or simply enjoy the experience as you tour the town is entirely up to you!

Do I need to know all about the town before I start?

Definitely NOT. Clues are written assuming you have no knowledge of the town. We give you all the information you need - it is a test of cluesolving ability, not general knowledge.

We want you to read carefully, and have written clues to ensure that if you jump to conclusions you will often go wrong!

Is it a race?

There is a leaderboard on the website for those who want to race, and the clues are challenging enough to keep the most competitive teams interested. For everyone else it is a leisurely afternoon (or morning, or evening) out around town. In our experience most teams end up enjoying the experience just for fun!

Are children (and dogs) allowed on the tour?

Each adventure is written for a different target audience based on the length of walking. Children (and dogs) are always allowed - but we always suggest they are accompanied by an adult.

Do I have to buy anything?

You are not required to purchase anything along the route, however there are multiple opportunities for shopping and dining if you wish.


What will I do, and what should I wear or bring?

Your Adventure involves between 2km and 4km of leisurely walking on flat trails and through town. You are not required to do anything more dangerous than crossing roads unless specifically advised. Please dress according to the weather and wear suitable footwear. We suggest bringing water to drink – there are places along the route to purchase refreshments, but there may be sections where there are several clues between shops.

What happens if I can’t answer a clue?

Stuck on a clue? Use the HINT buttons within the App - though time penalties will be added to your final score! Along the way you may ask for DIRECTIONS, or help on how to SOLVE the puzzle (each incurs a 10-minute time penalty). You may also PASS to skip a clue, incurring a 30-minute penalty. If you are racing the clock to try and make the leaderboard, time penalties matter. If you are simply enjoying the experience, you may use the hints at will! All time penalties are added to your final score - you will not be made to wait during the game.

What happens if my phone battery dies?

That would be a problem unless you have a backup phone. Please ensure that your smartphone is charged before you start, and please ADD other phones if you are concerned. Bringing a phone charger is a good idea if your battery is weak.

What happens if a clue is missing, or a road is closed?

It somethimes happens, but in the rare case that a clue is missing, or that roadworks and/or festivals cause road closures that your route, please use the DIRECT hint to take you to the destination or the PASS clue to get the answer. You may then email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details and we will remove the penalties from your score.


How many players in a team?

Suggested team size is 2-5 players, but this is not enforced. It is most fun when working with other people to find and solve clues – we do not therefore recommend single players. We also suggest a maximum group size of 5 players to ensure everyone is part of the clue-solving experience. If you have more, we suggest you split into smaller groups and compete against each other – there are places along the way to meet and discuss progress (or poke fun at each other!)

How long does the adventure take?

You can travel at your own pace, and therefore the time varies significantly. Teams that are racing against the clock will generally take between 90 minutes and 2 hours, while players leisurely enjoying the game can take much longer, especially with stops along the way. If you are on a time budget, we suggest using more hints along the way to ensure you finish.

How can I share my experience?

We hope you enjoy your experience - please feel free to share your thoughts on TripAdvisor, and social media, but please do not share the clue answers. Check the online leaderboard to see how you did - or to laugh at those who clearly didn't spend enough time enjoying the journey!

How do I learn about new adventures?

New adventures are frequently added in different locations over the coming weeks. To learn more, join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


When can I take my adventure?
Adventures are very flexible – with the exception of a few indoor locations (e.g. the Calgary +15 system or Edmonton's Pedway), everything is available to play 24/7. Though we strongly recommend playing in daylight...
What time does my adventure start?
Unless specifically advised, you may start whenever you want - you don't need to tell us when. Just go out and enjoy your adventure!
Where does my adventure start?
On confirmation you will be sent an email detailing your start location, with directions and parking, and confirming your start time window and instructions.
Will there be breaks along the way?
There are usually 2-5 scheduled breaks on each Adventure. You time clock stops automatically at these points to give you time to relax. You may restart at any time by entering READY.